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Low Carb Cucumber Lox Bites

For all my lox bagel lovers out there, this one's for you. These cucumber lox bites are low carb, beyond easy to slap together, and full of protein and healthy fats. We love that! When I was in NYC one weekend, I discovered a place called Black Seed Bagels. Turns out this is where heaven resides too. I was chomping at the bit to finally have a bagel that was gluten free and a schmear that was dairy free because unfortunately these things rarely exist in the south where I live. I was presented with an everything bagel and tofu scallion cream cheese lox style, complete with the salmon, capers, and red onions. I inhaled it. And then I thought, I've gotta make this at home - but without all the carbs. Enter cucumbers!

This recipe comes together super quickly and can serve as a light lunch, snack, or even appetizer. But first, a few things:

  • Smoked salmon - I cannot express enough how important it is to not buy this farm raised. Even if they say it's sustainable. Please just don't do it!! I would highly encourage you to find wild caught salmon, preferably from the Atlantic ocean. Farm raised is full of all kinds of stuff you don't want to consume. They are fed weird stuff and purposefully colored/fattened up to make it look more appealing at the super market. No thanks. I bought the everything bagel flavored, wild caught smoked salmon from Whole Foods and it was very affordable

  • Cream Cheese - I wold give anything to make this recipe with real cream cheese, but unfortunately I have an unrequited love for dairy. It simply hates me. I'm still on the hunt to find the perfect vegan cream cheese, but for now I've settled on Violife. It comes pretty stinking close to the real thing with the exception of the extra tartness of real cream cheese. I found mine at Whole Foods and its pretty affordable compared to other vegan brands. It often comes on sale too!



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