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Kale and Curried Chickpeas Salad

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

A lot of times these recipes come about because it's just something my mom or I just randomly threw together, and this is one of those times. Mom made this salad for lunch one day with anything she could find and with a few tweaks, it became one of my favorites. First of all - it screams fall. You got your dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, curried chickpeas. It's so comforting and filling and tbh I will probably be eating this year round!

Now before you hate on the fact that it has kale in it (which honestly I can't blame you because who has time to massage kale??), you HAVE to try dinosaur kale. The texture is 100000x better than normal kale which is often quite crunchy, stiff, and maybe even a little hard to digest. I discovered dinosaur kale at Whole Foods and have been addicted ever since. It's a lot softer and in my opinion tastes a lot better too, while still maintaining a crunch factor that doesn't make me feel like I'm eating grass. Not to mention an organic bunch of it is super affordable and often lasts me so long that I end up freezing leftovers. Enter kale and butternut squash pizza. Now, onto what you're really here for - the recipe:

  • I have yet to find a super clean brand of dried cranberries - most of them are packed with a butt load of sugar, try to find reduced sugar if you can!

  • Clean pepitas can be difficult to find too, a lot of them will be roasted with inflammatory oils such as sunflower oil but I have found some brands that are just plain old pepitas with no other crappy ingredients. Just something to look out for if you are trying to avoid that!

  • I've tried this salad with both dairy and vegan mozzarella and they are both good. The Violife mozzarella shreds are a great vegan option - the texture is pretty legit.



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