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Chocolate Peppermint Banana Nice Cream

First of all, does anyone know why this is called nice cream?? So strange.. When I first saw this on an instagram reel, I could not believe someone threw a banana in a blender and pretended it was ice cream. The crazy thing is, it looks like exactly like the real thing. Even though I'm a little late on this trend, I still wanted to share how I turned this into such an easy holiday treat. And since it's almost Christmas it is totally appropriate to make everything chocolate peppermint flavored. It's basically a law!

Now if you're expecting this to taste like Blue Belle, don't. But if you're looking to stop feeding your ice cream addiction everyday like me, this will do just fine. The thing I have come to realize about switching to better-for-you alternatives is that you will never quite get exactly what you are trying to imitate. Instead, just appreciate it for what it is - ingredients that you can feel good about and that won't leave you pimply and bloated. Screw you, dairy!

  • I made my own whipped topping from scratch, because most store bought non-dairy whip creams come with added sugars, preservatives, and fillers. Here's a recipe for homemade coconut whipped cream, or you can see if your local Whole Foods has any good options. I unfortunately did not see any at mine :(

  • The more ripe your bananas are, the better. Ripe bananas are more sweet, if it's not ripe it will have a slightly sour/funky taste to it

  • I recommend going with cacao powder if possible as its just better quality in terms of nutrients and processing, but cocoa will still work just fine if thats what you have on hand!

  • I was able to find organic candy canes at Whole Foods that are free of artificial dyes



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